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How Did Jireh Fund Begin?

In 1991, a lady accepted Christ as her Savior. As a housewife lacking the ability of an earner, she decided to refrain from making any donation. Then, under the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit, she made an offering to an almost closed-down fellowship group, which was consequently brought back to its normal functioning. Later she made another offering to a single old lady for her future burial fee. Her donation had also spurred the old lady toward responding with thanksgiving to God.

Such unexpected outcome has caused the housewife to think again how she could make the best use of her donation. She thought to herself: "Even though I may not be able to make money, yet I can spend less and save up some money". Hence, she opened an account solely for the purpose of saving up any unused expenses to be used only for her donation.

One day, this lady had an idea that she would like to name such an account as "Love Fund" in order that she can save up the money for brothers and sisters in need. However, the Holy Spirit spoke in her heart: "It should be called Jireh Fund, let God take care of it". That is the beginning of Jireh Fund.