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Pray for the Very Hot Weather

July 23 was the hottest day, and since then, the Hong Kong Observatory issued a very hot weather warning for a 13-day period beginning July 24. This set the record for the longest issuance of the warning since the very hot weather warning system was introduced in 2000. On August 3 the weather was recorded as 35.3 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature for the year. The rainfall record was the lowest for the month of July. The reason was that Hong Kong was affected by a subtropical ridge and it changed the direction of the typhoon.

During these days of very hot weather, there were individuals who died from heatstroke while working outdoors, and over 800 elderly individuals were reported sick and transported to the hospital. Our General Secretary Mrs. Chan led intercessors to pray for the hot weather during a monthly prayer meeting on August 4. They pleaded the Lord to blow winds from the sea. As a result, typhoon Pabuk drew near to Hong Kong and the Observatory hoisted the first No. 1 Stand-by Signal. On August 9 the No. 3 Strong Wind Signal was hoisted. Typhoon Pabuk later returned to hit Hong Kong and the Observatory hoisted the No. 8 Signal on August 10. After the typhoon left, very hot weather did not appear again as the temperature never reached 34 degrees Celsius.

The lowest and highest average temperature fell to 26.1 degrees Celsius and 30.7 degrees Celsius respectively, and the total rainfall was higher than that in other months. We truly thank the Lord for His mercy and answers to our prayer.

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