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The Lord has done this

May the Lord Keep Watch the Mandatory Provident Fund

A year ago, our General Secretary Mrs. Chan was already moved to pray for the mandatory provident fund due to the large amount of funds that were involved and the longer-than-usual payment terms. Both employers and employees are generally not familiar with the operation of this scheme. Would it be possible for each employee to receive reasonable returns in the end? Are the agents overcharging?

She remembered an occasion when she led a meeting at a Chinese Christian Church in England. There she saw a highway poster with a message about traffic safety rules. A three-year-old child said to the drivers, "You cannot run me down just because I do not know how to cross the road." She therefore wrote the prayer stating the following: "citizens unfamiliar with legal expertise and rights would not be robbed of their benefits." This enabled employees unfamiliar with the scheme's operation to receive protection concerning their benefits.

On August 29, Mrs. Chan read about the news concerning the mandatory provident fund. Dr. Edward C. Prescott, a Nobel Laureates in Economics, was in Hong Kong for a conference. He criticized the mandatory provident fund for its service charge - an average of 2.06%, which was too high and unacceptable. He said the service charge for his own pension fund was only 0.18%. On August 30, Mrs. Chan placed a prayer on the local newspaper to pray for the mandatory provident fund, commit the scheme to the Lord and asked Him to keep watch over it.

Let us remember that these long-term schemes are mandated by the government and require participation from everyone. Should unfairness or exploitation occur, it will have a long-term effect. The safest plan is to pray in unity and invite God to keep watch for mankind. For it is written in the Scriptures, "unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain." (Ps. 127:1b). Whenever we witness the Lord's protection, leading and teaching, it truly moves us to tears.

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