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Pray for the Workers' Strike

The 36-day workers' strike has finally reached a common consensus by both the labor and the management, and workers would resume work on September 13. The daily pay would rise by 14% to $860, with an eight-hour workday. Twice we placed a prayer in a local newspaper under the section on "Every Morning at Eight O'clock, Bless Hong Kong for Five Minutes", enabling everyone to pray in unity for the strike. Mrs. Chan saw how the British government played the role of governor and arbitrator. The word "arbitrator" particularly moved her heart. On August 29, on the 22nd day of the strike, we placed a prayer with a theme "May the Lord Raise up Arbitrators", and prayed the following: "May the Lord raise up arbitrators who are filled with wisdom, who are in accord with God's will, to mediate between disputes, eliminate controversies, cease waves of unrest… On September 4, when the strike entered its 28th day, the issue was still very intense and heated. With the theme as "May the Lord Still the Waves", we prayed again for the strike. May the Lord cease such waves of unrest and that the Lord would continue to raise up arbitrators in the midst of these controversies. We thanked the Lord for the agreement to be reached by both parties, and that in the process we had a part in the work of intercession.

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