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The Lord has done this

May Justice and Righteousness be in their Midst

On October 5, the entertainment section of a local newspaper reported a wealthy individual who earned more than 100 billion in the past four months. He credited his fortune on his granddaughter. In the following day, the local news reported on a survey conducted by a workers' union, which found that the hourly rate of the employees at a local fast food restaurant was below average with a monthly salary of only about $3,300, even lower than that earned by a domestic helper. This unfairness deserved the attention of those who were concerned for the welfare of these employees. We therefore used the following verse in the prayer on October 8, "Rich and poor have this in common: The Lord is the Maker of them all (Pr. 22:2). May the Lord's justice and righteousness be launched in their midst." "May the Lord sustain the grassroots, bestow upon them faith to bring their difficulties to the presence of the merciful Lord. Regardless of the situations they face, may the Lord be their ever-present help, pioneering new paths for them in their hardships and bestowing grace upon them in their difficulties.

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