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Hong Kong Franklin Graham Festival

We would like to thank the Lord for the "Hong Kong Franklin Graham Festival" that was successfully held from November 29 to December 2. On the second day of the Festival overflowing seating had to be arranged. Causeway Bay was filled with crowds going to the Hong Kong Stadium, the South China Athletic Association stadium and the Happy Valley Sports Ground. Attendance for the four-day event was over 340,000 and the number of commitments made was over 30,000. Many people of Hong Kong might wonder why there was such big attendance in the Festival meetings. They might think: "What is an evangelistic meeting?" On the prayer for December 3, "What is an Evangelistic Meeting?" was the prayer theme and we used Ephesians 2:17 to pray, enabling mankind to understand this gospel of peace – God sent His beloved Son to the world to save mankind from death, and to rescue and lead them to the eternal kingdom of Jesus Christ His beloved Son.

On December 8, we again used "Why did Jesus Come?" as the theme for our prayer, and used John 10:10 to pray for the new believers. May the Lord uphold them so that their hearts might be guarded. May the Lord's healing and abundance come upon all the families, particularly those families with violence and abuses. May they return to God and may families be restored and family functions be re-established.

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