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The Lord has done this

May the Lord Bestow Mankind with Good Health

According to a news report on 10 December 2007, the latest figures obtained from the "Hong Kong Cancer Registry" indicated that "in 2005 the number of deaths caused by cancer has increased by 4.4%. The rise in colorectal cancer is most conspicuous and is expected to take the lead and become the most common cancer". Three days later, God enabled me to recall this piece of news and we realized that this was not merely a report on cancer. In fact, cancer is like a giant standing among us. When we see the giant, we can only respond with, "Wow! This is awful!" This does not help the situation at all. Back then, David used a stone and struck on the forehead of the giant Goliath. He did this not because he was good at it, but it was entirely the work of God. What we needed to do was to pray. Such news usually brings us discomfort and we need to avoid responding with "I am afraid that I might be next!" You need to bless yourself with good health, a good immune system and proclaim that all threats to leave because God is with you. You also need to plead the Lord to raise up pathologists and enable them to understand the causes of these sicknesses. May the Lord also raise up doctors to understand the way to healing so that we might receive salvation for the name of God is "salvation". In the prayer on 15 December 2007 , we used "May the Lord Bless Mankind with Good Health" as its theme and prayed using 1 Samuel 17:47: "It is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves, for the battle is the Lord's."

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