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The Lord has done this

May Mankind's Burdens be Relieved

On December 11, the news reported that an 18-year-old young man committed suicide as he was unable to bear heavy burden of taking care of his mentally-handicapped mother and his younger sister after his father died of cancer five years ago. Later on, the Social Welfare Department found that he had not reported his income and required him to return the social security assistance payments in installments with total amounting to over $20,000. He later hanged himself due to financial and family stress. In response to this tragedy, we published a prayer on December 12 with the theme "May Mankind's Burdens be Relieved", and used Matthew 11:28 to pray that those who are weary and burdened with family matters are able to cast their burdens upon the Lord. May those who tend to keep matters to themselves turn their eyes upon the Lord. May they also be given understanding from the Lord that to cherish their own lives is to love their family members.

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