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The Lord has done this

To Flee Evil Desires

On December 12, a newspaper reported that a 14-year-old girl gave birth at home without her parents' knowledge. Not knowing what to do, the girl threw her newborn (still attached with an umbilical cord) from her building and led to the death of this young innocent life. On December 13 , we placed a prayer in a local newspaper with the theme "To Flee Evil Desires" and prayed for the youth and young adults. We pray that they would not resort to physiological needs as an excuse whenever they face their desires. On the contrary, they should be reminded to flee temptation and evil desires. May the Lord raise up good neighbors to help young girls who have experienced unwanted pregnancies. May these girls learn about the importance of self-control, accept the forgiveness of sins from the Lord and not be ensnared by their own sins.

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