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May the Lord Cease the Effects Brought by "Sex Photos" Scandal

In early February, our city was in shock when sex photos of some of the actors and actresses were widely circulated on the internet. On Tuesday, February 19, God moved us to publish a prayer handbook to pray for this "sex photos" scandal, and to distribute 50,000 copies to various secondary schools and churches on Saturday (February 23). On the morning of February 19, during a women's Bible study at Jireh Fund, the General Secretary invited the sisters to pray that the prayer handbooks would be published as scheduled. On that day the General Secretary learned that the title of the prayer handbook was to be called "Guard Your Hearts". However, after spending the entire night in prayer, she was still unable to locate the Scriptural verses that were to be written about. On Wednesday (February 20), only three prayers were completed; and on Thursday, her entire day was lined up with appointments in addition to lecturing on a course in the evening. She knew that if she could not pass the drafts to the printing company by Friday morning, it was impossible for the prayer handbooks to be published in time for delivery on Saturday. She felt intense pressure and asked a body of Christ to spend the night with her on Thursday as she wrote the prayers. Another body of Christ spent Friday morning (February 22) typesetting the written drafts. Around noon on Friday, the final editing was completed, but the printing company had already taken another order. At 6pm that evening, the printing company explained that the printing could not be completed by Saturday (February 23), and had to wait until the following Tuesday (February 26) for the work to complete. The General Secretary replied that she had not slept since waking up at 8am on Wednesday morning even though she fell asleep one and a half hours earlier at 6:30am. Who was doing the work? Who was upholding her? As a result, God moved the printing company to do something that it had never done before – to temporarily halt the printing job of 200,000 flyers or posters on the printing machine, and to begin the printing for the "Guard Your Hearts" prayer handbook. Thanks be to the Lord.

At 4pm on Saturday (February 23), the prayer handbooks were completed to our amazement. Early in the morning we arranged delivery for the prayer handbooks, and in fewer than three hours, the prayer handbooks were already distributed to the various secondary schools and churches. The newspaper on February 25 reported that Mr. Edison Chen had released a declaration, stating that a formal application was filed to the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department, to request entitlement of the copyrights of all these photos, as well as to recognize he was the sole copyright holder of these sex photos. At the same time he also reported this to the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department stating that his photos were violated of copyright. Since then, these photos were no longer circulated on the internet as the scandal began to quiet down.

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