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Shalom! Olympics

The Olympic torch began its relay in China on May 2 with Hong Kong as the first stop. Due to the intense conflicts initiated during the relay at different cities overseas, a prayer meeting was held from 10am to 5pm that day for the torch relay at Hong Kong, praying for peace upon the Olympics and our city. We were able to watch the live TV broadcast from time to time and prayed for the entire process.

As the meeting did not fall on a public holiday, we asked the Lord to teach us in mobilizing intercessors to pray at different locations. On April 30, we sent a prayer via e-mail entitled " Pray for the Olympics Torch Relay in the Hong Kong Region ". Part of the prayer is as follows: "Lord, may you send angels to keep the entire torch relay in peace, so that those who wanted to disrupt the process might be stopped from doing so. For the Lord has given the Olympics spirit to the people of Hong Kong…" During the news report that afternoon, God enabled us to see how certain individuals were stopped when they attempted to disrupt the process by their screams, and those who wanted to breakthrough the barricade were prevented by the crowd from going further. This is truly the amazing work of the Lord. Thank you Lord. May the Lord continue to teach us how to keep watch for the Olympics.

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