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Children and Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries

"Set Our Youths Free" and "Set Our Teenagers Free" Worship and Prayer Meetings

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Youth and Young Adults' Seed Planting Project

The Youth and Young Adults' Seed Planting Project began in 2002 when Hong Kong was going through a dismal period. Through the love of God, we hope to express "acceptance" and "care" to the youth and young adults. Initially it was only a three-month summer program. We led the youth to pray together and learn about waiting, enabling them to experience the importance of personal space. They learned about different life values from the Bible. Their individual talents were further developed according to their ability. We encouraged creativity in their design of products. They received discounts from factory owners which in turn lowered the production cost. In their division of labor each individual's talents were put to good use. They also had the opportunity to introduce their products during church meetings. They also learned about selling their products on the internet and its promotional strategies. The first project was successfully held under the supervision of three project leaders who were volunteers. A new product was successfully manufactured - a banner with different names of God

Beginning 2004, this became a life development project. At first, these youth and young adults neither attended school nor had a job, and always appeared to be wandering around without purpose. Later on, we have seen with our own eyes how they have eventually found their directions in life and become responsible leaders. Through making various kinds of Teens' Cards, we have provided employment opportunities for these youths and teenagers who were awaiting what their future held for them. On the one hand this project equipped them with better time management skills. On the other hand, it enabled them to learn about the Bible and prayer, and provided them with opportunities to serve at different meetings or evangelistic meetings; thus, it allowed them to experience the excitement and joy that came from serving the Lord with passion. These Teens' Cards are the products of their hand-made artistic works.

Children Ministries

"I love Jesus" Carnival

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Friends of "I Love Jesus"

Through "I Love Jesus - Growing up With Christ" Handbook, "I love Jesus" Carnival, as well as other meetings for children, we also invite 6 to 12-year-olds to join and be a part of Friends of "I Love Jesus". We wanted to take hold of various opportunities to care and bless them. Until the end of 2007, there were over 2,000 children who have become members of Friends of "I Love Jesus". We prepare a special gift for each member during his or her birthday. We also invite members to participate in the "I love Jesus" Carnival and pray for them, in the hope that they would have an abundant life.

Auntie Fan Mailbox - Big Brother / Big Sister Mailbox

Both the Auntie Fan Mailbox and Big Sib Mailbox are available. If you have any difficulties in your life, study or relationships, or have any difficulties you do not know how to pray, you are welcome to write us.

Send your mail to:
G. P.O. Box 3943, Harbour Building, Hong Kong
Or e-mail us:
Auntie Fan - auntie_fan@jirehfund.org
Big Brother / Big Sister - big_bro_sis@jirehfund.org

Please remember to write your name and e-mail.

"Set Our Children Free" Worship and Prayer Meeting

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
(Jn. 8:32)

Beginning March of 2003, we have held "Set Our Children Free" Worship and Prayer Meeting every month. Through worship, prayer, listening to the word of God and workshops, it is our hope that children will learn the biblical truths and follow Jesus Christ when they are still young, and to use the word of God to pray.

Information on "Set Our Children Free" Worship and Prayer Meeting

"Come! Tell Our Heavenly Father" A Camp on Prayer Renewal for the Children

We believe that if we can help children hide God's truth within their hearts at a young age, and to learn to pray to the Heavenly Father, they will grow with power and strength. When they are old, they will not turn from it. Beginning 2004, we have held '"Come! Tell Our Heavenly Father" (A camp on prayer renewal for the children every summer).

In the camp, we give out over ten Bible verses to the children. We adopt different approaches, including workshops on role play, scenario studies and crossword puzzles. We hope the children's creativity and team spirit may be further developed. Most importantly, through different games and activities, we hope that the children may reflect on the Bible verses and use them in their lives. Not only do we want them to remember the word of God, but also to enable them to experience the word of God in their lives.

Moreover, we encourage the children to recite Bible verses in the camp. Through the word of God the children learn to quiet down. May the word of God continue to work in the lives of these children, and help them to build a good character and qualities that are founded upon God's truth.

Testimonies from the Children's Camp
Testimonies from the Children's Camp (2008)
Youth and Teenagers' Seed Planting Project
  • Youth and Teenagers' Seed Planting Project
  • Youth and Teenagers' Seed Planting Project
  • Youth and Teenagers' Seed Planting Project
  • Youth and Teenagers' Seed Planting Project
  • Youth and Teenagers' Seed Planting Project
  • Youth and Teenagers' Seed Planting Project
  • Youth and Teenagers' Seed Planting Project
  • Youth and Teenagers' Seed Planting Project

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