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Prayer Ministries

"Oh Lord, Teach Us How to Pray"

Through prayer we can experience how God transforms the life of an individual. "Men Can Pray to God" is an amazing grace. With the Scripture as the foundation and the moving of the Holy Spirit, people may seek God's kingdom through prayer. Apart from providing individual prayer ministries, God had also moved Jireh Fund to keep watch for Hong Kong beginning 1997.

Meetings with a Focus on Keeping Watch for our City

Monthly Prayer Meeting

In order to strengthen the hearts and ignite the passions of the intercessors continually, we are holding a prayer meeting on the first Saturday evening of each month as a joint venture of ' "Do-This" Million-Hour All Nations Prayer Net" ' and "Jireh Monthly Prayer Meeting", which includes worship, testimony, ministry sharing, message sharing, personal prayer ministries and a light dinner. News items are projected on the screen whereby brothers and sisters can pray for the local situation.

Information on Monthly Prayer Meetings

New Year's Eve Overnight Prayer Meeting

Since 31 December 1999 we have held "May Peace be with You" – a 24-hour Overnight Prayer Meeting. Every New Year's Eve we have held "24-hour Overnight Prayer Meeting" to pray and intercede for our city as it enters into a new year.

7.1 Overnight Prayer Meeting

On 1 July 2003, some political parties initiated a demonstration. The Lord moved us to start a 24-hour prayer meeting at 7p.m. on June 30 for the purpose of gathering prayer intercessors and seeking peace for the city. The prayer meeting was called "May Your Kingdom Come". Since then, we have held "24-hour overnight prayer meeting" on the H.K.S.A.R. Establishment Day and on the previous day (i.e. June 30 to July 1), so that we can pray and intercede for our city.

Lunar New Year Prayer Meeting

Due to occurrences of sacrificial offerings activities during the Lunar New Year, beginning 2004, we have held the Lunar New Year Prayer Meeting from the evening of Lunar New Year's Eve to the early morning of Lunar New Year's Day each year. We hope to bring before the Lord all the Chinese people living in our country, cities and other nations. May the Lord deliver the Chinese people from the bondage of idol worship, in order that the Chinese people might have freedom to know about the true God.