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Journey of Praying for Hong Kong


March The Jireh Prayer Team was revealed the vision on "God Raises up Steward" and held a prayer meeting. Brothers and sisters from different professions repented their sins on behalf of their professions. The "God Raises up Steward" prayer meeting was held on April 13 and its purpose was to pray for the economy and social living in Hong Kong, as well as to repent and keep watch in prayer for various professions.
July 1

100-day 24-hour Prayer Chain for the Economy and Social Living of Hong Kong

God again led us to launch a "100-day 24-hour prayer chain for the economy and social living of Hong Kong", and we continued to pray for the various professions. We also pleaded God to grant us a new monetary system, and a total of 130 brothers and sisters participated.

Later, in the summary report of the Financial Secretary to the Legislative Council in the beginning of September, it was made known to us that the predatory international hedge fund had already begun to set up their position against the Hong Kong monetary market. They had intended to exert their control and manipulation on the several major markets around the globe continuously for 24 hours. Yet, miraculously God raised up in this period a prayer team to call on the Lord continuously for 24 hours, praying especially wisdom and strategies on behalf of those in authority.

Early September Through a series of reforms, a new monetary system was established in Hong Kong. Our God brought about some very important reforms in the monetary systems around the world as a result of the Asian financial crisis. Brothers and sisters experienced the truthfulness and power of God. Mankind was indeed favored and loved by God.
October 6

Once again God moved our heart to pray for the economy and social living of the city into the new millennium for one million hours. God revealed in the hearts of our intercessors the prayer method: to use the Scripture as the content and basis of our prayer, to use the prayer handbooks as our focus and means of transmitting, and to use the prayer movement as a way of igniting the passion of praying hearts. God also revealed to us to use a "prayer quilt" to record all the prayer hours by dividing the quilt into 3,333 tiny squares and each square represents 300 hours of prayer. Hence, we encouraged each intercessor to take up a square by putting in half an hour of prayer everyday, until all the squares were taken up by the intercessors. (Note: the prayer movement was completed on 6 October 2000)

First million-hour prayer


The unemployment rate in Hong Kong reached an all-time high, and we continued to plead our God, the Lord Jesus Christ to halt this wave of unemployment. May the Lord set its doors and bars in place, and to command the waves to come this far and no farther, and here is where the proud waves halt. (Job 38:10-11)

On the other hand, we pleaded God to issue an order and move certain multinational corporations to invest in Hong Kong, thus providing employment opportunities, so that the unemployment situation in Hong Kong might be relieved. In November 1998, some intercessors learned that Disney would set up a theme park in Hong Kong, although at that time there were competitions and the situation remains uncertain. Thanks the Lord, for in June 2000, the plan to build a Disneyland theme park in Hong Kong materialized.

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