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Journey of Praying for Hong Kong


October 6

First Million-Hour Prayer Celebration Conference -
Our Lord - God Almighty Reigns!

The prayer movement that lasted for 24 months was completed. We expressed our deepest thanksgiving to our Lord as He led us to the celebration of the first million-hour prayer under the theme of "Our Lord God Almighty Reigns" at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. God also moved us to invite Mr. Tung Chee-wah, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong at the time, as our special guest of honor and his attendance was a great encouragement to the intercessors at large.
October 24

Continue to Kindle the Fire of Prayer

After the celebration conference ended, we earnestly prayed and pleaded the Lord to give us a new revelation so that the fire of prayer would continue to kindle until every Christian was moved to pray. In the early morning of October 24, the Holy Spirit revealed the following to our General Secretary: "Then this city will bring me (Lord - our God) renown, joy, praise and honor before all nations on earth." (Jer. 33:9a) The fire of prayer would continue to kindle and each prayer movement would shorten its time of completion as time passes. For instance, the first million hours of prayer took two years to complete. The second million hours of prayer took 20 months, the third took 18 months, then 16 months, 14 months… until one minute can complete one million hours of prayer. At that time we can establish a powerful and strong international prayer net. In the coming days, besides half an hour of prayer everyday, we can pray with purified lips, that is, the word of God, as we shout praises and prayer to our God. We also proclaim God's kingdom and salvation to come upon the world and the nations.

November 6

"Do This"

Our General Secretary and Mr. Thomas Fok from the Hong Kong Campus Crusade for Christ were praying over the phone. The Holy Spirit said to our General Secretary in her heart: "Do this", she instantly realized that it was not that the Holy Spirit saying she did the right thing, but this ought to be the name of the movement. In fact, during a prayer meeting the previous night, we learned about 1 Corinthians 11:24, "Do this in remembrance of me". Initially we thought that the Lord Jesus Christ said we have done correctly, but this was supposed to be the name for the prayer movement. We truly thank the Lord for His instructions and guidance, for enabling representatives from the two organizations to be given a name as we prayed. Therefore, we decided to name this prayer movement as follows: "Do This" Million-Hour All Nations Prayer Movement.

December 31 - January 1, 2001 "Arise! Arise! Strength Renewed" - a 24-hour overnight prayer meeting was held. This was to pray for the weakened economy and the industrial and commercial sectors in Hong Kong.

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