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Journey of Praying for Hong Kong


January 16

Launch of the Third Million-Hour Prayer

The "Rebuilding the City" prayer conference was held and it marked the beginning of the journey of the third million-hour prayer. We were given Nehemiah 2:17, "Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem". On the one hand, we offered our sacrifices of thanksgiving to God. On the other hand, we recruited more intercessors as we entered into a new phase in our prayer movement. During the evening, we were honored to invite Mr. Tung Chee-wah, our Chief Executive at the time, to be our special guest of honor. After the General Secretary of Jireh Fund shared the vision on "Taking up the Commission, Rebuilding the City", eight representatives from different professions came on stage and shared their commitment to take up the commission of rebuilding in their workplace.

At the same time, we published "Rebuilding the City" prayer handbook series, so that intercessors from various professions could pray and intercede for their own professions.

March - May

Pleading God in Unity for the SARS Situation

On March 31, "Heavenly Father! We Will Never be Silent Day or Night" - a prayer chain event was held. During the event, we prayed for the SARS situation in Hong Kong. Over 400 pastors, ministers, along with over 100 church deacons and intercessors attended the event. The prayer chain event began on April 22 and lasted for half a year.

In light of the SARS situation, we published "Pray to God in One Heart" prayer handbook 1 and 2. In addition, as the primary schools have resumed their classes, we published "Victory in Jesus" Return to School prayer handbook in May, encouraging teachers to lead students in prayer everyday.

During the outbreak of SARS, we specially produced five video clips "One Heart One Mind, Bless Hong Kong" that were broadcast on television. This showed the importance of fighting SARS together by different individuals in the society.

April 7 - May 28

"Every Morning at Eight O'clock, Bless Hong Kong for Five Minutes"

Due to the outbreak of SARS, we placed a 52-day prayer ad in a local newspaper under the section on "Every Morning at Eight O'clock, Bless Hong Kong for Five Minutes" . We prayed for the disease outbreak, patients, medical staff and various needs of the society. On the one hand we called on the intercessors to cry out to God in unity and to intercede for the city. On the other hand, we showed to the non-believers that Christians could receive help during times of crises. More importantly, we sought to spread the word of God in the media so that souls could be revived and eyes might turn upon Jesus.
May 1 - June 21 With the Embracing Hong Kong Committee, the "Embrace Hong Kong - Rebuilding the City in 52 Days" was organized. We also placed a testimony in a local newspaper for 52 days, this had enabled the non-believing community to know God's love through the acts of care from Christians.
June 30 - July 1

"May Your Kingdom Come" - a 24-hour Overnight Prayer Meeting to Seek Peace for Hong Kong.

Due to the onslaught of SARS, depressed hearts, continual economic recession, high unemployment and controversy over certain laws, the relationship between the government and the citizens became very tense. Some political parties initiated a demonstration on July 1. Then the Lord announced His word to gather intercessors to start a 24-hour prayer at 7p.m. on June 30 for the purpose of "Seeking Peace for the City". On July 1, half a million people took to the streets. Not only was the demonstration in good order, but Hong Kong also won the praise of other countries and was elected by the "Political and Economic Risk Consultancy" as "the safest area in Asia Pacific", even ahead of Singapore and Taiwan. On the surface, the demonstration could have exerted great pressure on the government and also created a crisis in Hong Kong. However, the event brought Hong Kong the name of "the safest area in Asia Pacific", which was really a great surprise to all of us. We truly witnessed the fact that with men things are impossible, but with God all things are possible.
October A tragic car accident caused 21 deaths and 20 injuries in Tuen Mun. 14 teaching staff from schools in Kowloon were affected in the accident. It was beyond words of description concerning the fear of these young children as they heard about the deaths of their teachers. Jireh Fund has therefore published "Come! Tell our Heavenly Father" prayer handbook. We asked that the Lord would comfort these children, as well as to help them seek wisdom from the Heavenly Father to face their difficulties.
November We again placed prayer ad in a local newspaper under the name of "Every Morning at Eight O'clock, Bless Hong Kong for Five Minutes".
December There were again outbreaks of the avian flu in China and Asia, and another form of avian flu began to spread in European countries and the U.S. The Health Department issued a warning that a potential mutation might appear and have deadly consequences. We asked the Lord to teach us how to pray in the prayer ad under the name of "Every Morning at Eight O'clock, Bless Hong Kong for Five Minutes".
December 31 - January 1, 2004 "He has Risen" - a 24-hour overnight prayer meeting was held.

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