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Journey of Praying for Hong Kong


January 28 - January 29 "Proclaiming Our Lord as King" - a Lunar New Year prayer meeting was held.
February 22

"Walk with God" - a prayer meeting for the pastors and elders was held. Over 400 pastors and church leaders were invited to participate. An appreciation dinner was held for these servants of God, and we also took time to pray in unity to our Lord for the church, mission and our city.

During the prayer meeting a survey was conducted concerning prayer in church. Later we compiled over 300 prayer key points into a booklet, "Walk with God": Prayer Key Points for Church, in order to encourage pastors and elders to promote the prayer movement within the church.


Completion of the Fifth Million-Hour Prayer

The 11-month Million-Hour prayer was completed at the end of February.
March - May

Launch of the Sixth Million-Hour Prayer
From "All Nations Prayer Movement" to "All Nations Prayer Net"

On March 22, the General Secretary learned that we could begin to promote the prayer network. Later she was revealed a Scriptural verse from Isaiah 56:7 how God promised to bring His people to the holy mountain (Jireh is the Lord Jehovah's mountain), for His house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.

From 1998 onward, the spiritual and prayer life of many brothers and sisters have attained maturity through participation in the prayer movement and use of prayer handbooks. It was no longer difficult to put in half an hour of prayer everyday. In addition, when the "Extend the Kingdom of God" prayer campaign began in April 2005, participants joined as prayer warriors in groups of two to three. Everyday they prayed to extend the kingdom of God. God has been guiding us in order to prepare for the "All Nations Prayer Net". (Details)

How to Develop a Prayer Net

First, 300 mighty warriors need to be recruited. Each prayer warrior will find two other prayer warriors who will put in half an hour of prayer everyday. Jireh Fund will send out the daily prayers. Every week the prayer warrior can demonstrate his or her care to others by calling and praying together. These two individuals will find another two prayer warriors and so on. Brothers and sisters can experience the power from sustaining one another through caring. In this way, "Extend the Kingdom of God" is truly launched.

On May 7, we held a "300 Warriors" mobilization campaign and shared the vision of the prayer net. Over 300 pastors, elders and intercessors participated and joined to become the three hundred warriors or prayer warriors.

March Jireh Fund and the Media Evangelism Limited co-published a prayer handbook, which specifically prayed against the adverse effects the film "Brokeback Mountain" brought about, as well as the issue on homosexuality.
April In conjunction with the "Grassroots Fortnight" held by Jubilee Ministries and other organizations, Jireh Fund published "The Lord's Love for All Families" prayer handbook that specifically prayed for the grassroots.
May Jireh Fund and the Media Evangelism Limited co-published a prayer handbook that specifically prayed against the adverse effects brought about by the movie "The Da Vinci Code".
June 30 - July 1 "Extend the Kingdom of God" - a 24-hour overnight prayer meeting was held.
October 29

"One Commission, Pray in Unity" - a watchers' prayer meeting was held to prepare for entering into the seventh Million-Hour prayer.

A 40-day 24-hour prayer chain event was held, which was to pray for the seventh Million-Hour prayer, prayer conference and evangelistic meeting.


Completion of the Sixth Million-Hour Prayer

The 10-month Million-Hour prayer was completed at the end of December.
December 10

Launch of the Seventh Million-Hour Prayer in January

In preparing to enter into the seventh Million-Hour prayer, the "Love and Harmony of God" prayer conference was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. In commemorating the 200th anniversary of Christianity's arrival in China, we invited Rev. James Hudson Taylor III who is currently the honorary adviser of Overseas Missionary Fellowship to come and present a speech. With the theme "Bringing Love to China", Rev. Taylor recounted the history of two prominent missionaries, Rev. Robert Morrison and Rev. James Hudson Taylor who came to China for mission. He also stated how God continued to engage in amazing works over the past two hundred years. Right now the mission work of China has metamorphosed from "bringing love to China" into "bringing love from China". He also led the congregation to pray for the gospel work in China. In addition, we were very honored to invite Mr. Donald Tsang, our Chief Executive, to be our special guest of honor, and his presence was an encouragement to the intercessors.

In the previous six million-hour prayers, this vision of prayer went to various countries, including China, Canada, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam and Hong Kong. There was a Korean missionary and a Vietnamese pastor who specifically prayed that the prayer handbooks might gain permission to be used in their countries.

December 31 - January 1, 2007 "Love and Harmony of God" - a 24-hour overnight prayer meeting was held.

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