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Pray in Unity for the City

Relief for Sichuan: Hong Kong Christians in Prayer and Action

Sichuan was struck by a 8.0 earthquake struck, causing countless casualties and injuries, let us lift up our hearts and our hands to God in heaven…


"Shalom! Olympics" 100-day Keep Watch and Prayer Campaign

The 2008 Olympics will soon be held at Beijing in China. Our intercessors at Beijing have spent the last seven years praying for this spectacular event of the century. During this final 100-day countdown, we hope you would join…


May the Lord Cease the Spread of Influenza

May the Lord keep our city in calmness and tranquility.


May the Lord Cease the Effects Caused by the Sex Photos

To help cease the effects brought about by the sex photos, we urge brothers and sisters to keep watch in unity for the city.


May the Lord Cease the Blizzards

We urge all Christians in Hong Kong to pray for the country, citizens and the weather.


Pray for Peace in Tin Shui Wai

We pray for peace in Tin Shui Wai in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. May every intercessor bless Tin Shui Wai for five minutes at 10pm every evening.