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"Shalom! Olympics" 100-day Keep Watch and Prayer Campaign

The 2008 Olympics will soon be held at Beijing in China. Our intercessors at Beijing have spent the last seven years praying for this spectacular event of the century. During this final 100-day countdown, we hope you would participate with us in prayer, in order to experience how the Lord is leading you as we pray together, as you will discover the Lord's great and awesome reign which has existed from the beginning. He has proclaimed the message "you will return" to mankind through the "bird's nest". As mentioned in Revelations, the design of the "water cube" resembles the sea of glass that is as clear as crystal before the throne.

This was a huge encouragement and no one is to miss such an opportunity! The "Do This" Million-Hour All Nations Prayer Net has therefore published the "Shalom! Olympics" prayer handbook and calls upon churches and believers to welcome the Olympics by praying for 100 days beginning April 30 .

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