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It is Written

A sister

I am a very careful person who believes only after thorough understanding of the matter itself. For instance, if I wanted to purchase insurance, I would become an insurance agent and gain understanding of the various types and concepts in insurance policies. If I wanted to purchase a flat, I would become a estates agent and go through the process on my own, thus noting the places I need to pay attention to. When I wanted to give birth, I worked at a tutorial center for a while to gain an understanding of the psychology of young children. I began to learn about Christianity about 20 years ago. A sister often invited me to attend the evangelistic meeting, but I was not moved at the time.

When my son became about one year old, he was diagnosed with autism after showing signs of lack of attention. This was a heavy blow to me personally. My son had scored high on IQ and did not have any learning problems. His biggest problem was handling social relationships. He felt he was often bullied by others which would provoke him to anger and even violent behavior. I tried different ways to help him over these past ten years, for example, through music therapy and brain gym. I helped him sign up for training courses on social skills, acting, public speaking and EQ. I even took my son for fortune-telling and idol worship, and tried out any good suggestions told by others.

When my son was in form two, my husband and I arranged him to study overseas at the United Kingdom. At first I thought everything was fine. During the Easter in April 2004, he returned to Hong Kong. On the last day when my husband and I took him to the airport, he indicated that he did not like the school because of bullying by other students.

I immediately became nervous and worried about him living on his own. I decided to write him a letter everyday. I used up most of the day in writing the letter because I did not know what to say to my son. Everyday I read books authored by several ancient Chinese philosophers before writing the letter. In July he returned to Hong Kong for his summer vacation and his condition became stable. However, he again bursted into anger when he was wrongly accused of not signing out before leaving his dormitory. As a result, he damaged all the belongings of his two classmates. He was fearful of getting caught, and so he did not return to his dormitory. On the next day, the principal met with him and immediately arranged to send him back to Hong Kong.

At that time I have attended the meetings at Jireh Fund. At the evening I was unable to sleep because of what my son was going through. I read through the "It Is Written" prayer handbook and happened to turn to the verse dated October 13. The verse was very moving and it said: "Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain." (Ps. 127:1). This prayer was a complete reflection of my heart all these years. Everything I have done all these years would be in vain if they were not founded upon God. I instantly felt that there is a real God and decided to believe in the Lord. The next day I called a sister who had been sharing the gospel to me in the past twenty years. She arranged a meeting with Mrs. Chan so she could pray for me and my son.

I thank God for enabling the school in the U.K. to give my son a last chance. However, my son called me soon after he returned to the U.K. His teacher prohibited him from using MP3 to record during class lecture. He thought his teacher was picking on him and this caused him great anger. My husband and I reminded him that he was now a Christian and ought to be conscious of His presence in his heart. The Lord wanted us to be joyful. Thank God for the work he had done in his heart by calming his anger. He was indeed quite happy when he hung up the phone.

My son later called me again and shared with me his experience. He shared how his laptop was shut off by a classmate. After listening my heart sank as I thought my son was again getting into quarrels. However, he told me he did not burst into anger but walked away and ignored his classmate. On another occasion my son had just attended church service when he passed by a group of students from Hong Kong. He wanted to stay around with the group. Initially he did not want to return to his dormitory to sign out; however, he was coerced into doing so by others. However, my son did not lose his temper. We were truly thankful to God for His work in the life of my son. Over the past 10 years I have attempted different ways to help my son improve his social relationships, and yet he had not changed much. However, through the teaching of God's word, my son experienced changes that I had always desired to see. Thank you Lord!

On 31 December 2004, my son and I attended for the first time the overnight prayer meeting held by Jireh Fund on New Year's Eve. He even asked about the publication date for the new series of "It Is Written" prayer handbook. He found it to be very helpful as he read the "It is Written" prayer handbook (October to December). Whenever he returned to the U.K., he brought many copies of the prayer handbook with him. Thank you Lord!