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A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine

A sister

During my birthday in July this year, a sister-in-Christ was moved to give me a verse in the Scripture: "A man's spirit sustains him in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?" (Pr. 18:14) At that time I did not understand why God gave me this verse through a sister-in-Christ.

A few years ago, I began to see a nerve specialist because of neck and shoulder pains. I found that my neck bone had grown differently than other people, which had decreased my neck's mobility. Back in 1999, I was rushed to the emergency room for painkillers injection due to severe neck pains. The doctor said the pain was incurable. For no particular reason, this year my body began to experience different forms of illnesses. In August, my leg tendons were injured as I twisted my left foot when I went on a trip. In September my neck pains started to return and my spinal cord began to be in pain again. Once every two days I needed to visit a chirparactor. However, the situation did not improve. Within about a week, my intestines began to experience cramp and needed to visit a doctor. After a day, I had fever and went to see a Chinese doctor. Later I also found that my wisdom tooth was crushed for some reason. Oh God! What had happened to me? This was really not a good sign. As I have heard about Satanic attacks, I wondered if there was anything in my life that might have left Satan a foothold.

In early October this year, I had an opportunity to meet with Mrs. Chan for prayer. She learned about a verse: "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." (Pr. 17:22) She asked me if I had thought deeply about any family members who had passed away. I remembered that one of my sisters had passed away when I was twelve years old. Among my ten siblings, my relationship with this sister was the best and we looked out for one another. I took care of her when she was sick. I was thankful that she was already a believer when she died. Although I know that she is now already with the Lord Jesus, I am still unable to let go of her emotionally in my heart. My heart continued to experience great pain as if my sister were still living. This had guided my emotions as I grew up. I was so used to this mourning and sadness and therefore I did not feel that it was a problem. This was indeed a great deception.

Mrs. Chan prayed for me and broke the emotional bondage I had with my sister, as well as any feelings of hopelessness. I prayed and confessed my sins that in the past I had lived in the pain and sorrow of my sister, as opposed to living in the word of the Lord. I admitted that I should not have lived in this way because it prevented me from living out the life of joy and abundance that the Scripture talks about. Next, Mrs. Chan anointed me with oil according to the teachings from the book of James. She encouraged me to read the word of God more regularly because the word of God is health to a man's whole body and refreshes the bones of my body. I remember in the past that I did not pay much attention when I did my devotions. The next day I went to see a dentist and he found that I had gum disease in my mouth. He performed some procedures on my teeth and the problem was resolved. Next, I went to see a chiropractor who was a Christian. He performed regular procedures and I felt much better afterwards. After several examinations, I became more at ease when I walked. The chiropractor told me that I had been healed and no longer needed to go back. I immediately thanked God.

After more than a month had passed, I felt that a lot of "garbage" was taken out from my life. Instead, the word of God filled my heart. My life was in a depressed and powerless state, but now it is full of energy. This is because I had deeply experienced the power of the word of God, so that my life was transformed. Everyday I use the word of God and the name of Jesus to bless every part of my body.

Lastly, I made some conclusions based upon this experience. First, do not live in your own negative feelings and experience, and do not be deceived by Satan. Second, do not keep on talking about your own negative feelings, but to proclaim the word of God and His blessings. For the Scripture said, "Bless and do not curse." (Ro. 12:14b)