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The Fire of Life

Mr. Leung
There the angel of the LORD appeared to him (Moses) in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. (Ex. 3:2)

During the last Amen Brothers' Worship and Prayer Meeting, it happened to fall onto the date of the family reunion according to the Chinese custom. Despite it was a time for family reunion, over 20 brothers still attended the meeting. Although attendance was low that evening, God spoke a powerful message through our speaker Rev. Chu. When I heard his message, my heart was convicted because the message revealed problems in my personal life. I have grown to become accustomed to the ways things were, and lacked the motivation to make changes in life. In some way my life was at a standstill and remained the same. Everyday after work my first thought was to return home quickly, get some rest, have dinner, watch TV, surf the internet, and there a day was gone. During Sundays I took joy in playing with my children, and visiting different shopping malls and parks. Time passed quickly and my son has now turned one and a half years old. The commitments made to God several years ago were no longer on my mind. Take a look at Moses. During his time in Egypt, he was an individual filled with passion and patriotism. After 40 years of living a comfortable life in a foreign land, he forgot all about the dreams and visions he once had, and became an ordinary shepherd who was engaged in the same kind of work day after day. During a morning, he was shepherding his flock as usual on the hill, just like what he did every morning for the last 40 years. God placed a burning bush before Moses. It was natural for a bush to light up itself under extreme high temperatures in the desert, however, what caught his attention was how this burning bush never was really burnt. He had never seen anything like this for the past 40 years as a shepherd. Since then a memorable relationship began between Moses and God. It marked the end of his old life, and he entered into a new life with a new identity – servant of God.

After the meeting ended, my life was as usual and nothing had changed. One day, I received the news that a colleague of mine in my office was infected with tuberculosis. Many of my colleagues made appointments to go for an X-ray check-up. I was not concerned of getting infected; nevertheless, I thought about my children at home, and arranged to get a medical check-up in order to be relieved of my worries. After the check-up was completed, I waited for the report. As I was waiting, I thought I was able to leave soon, but I began to worry when the report had not arrived after some time. A nurse suddenly asked me to receive another check-up. I again waited for the report for a long time and my mind began to wander. Why was a second check-up needed? Why the wait? Were there any serious problems with my lungs? What could I do if I were really infected? I became more anxious as I continued to think. I was like ants on the hot pan waiting to be cooked. At this moment, a response from my heart appeared: "If I were to pass away tomorrow, is there anything that I can present to God?" I regretted for not doing well in the areas of reading the Bible, prayer, evangelism, ministries, etc. I was only focused on the worldly matters and my spiritual life was only lukewarm. I desired grace but my heart was not passionate for spiritual matters. I became pessimistic and wanted to pray. I called my wife and told her about what had happened. I also called the intercessors at Jireh Fund and sought their help. I was relieved after they prayed for me. We committed the results of the report to God. After prayer, the nurse told me that I could leave. I asked her about the result. She replied that it was fine and it would be sent to my clinic. After a few days, I went to the clinic for a check-up. The doctor said my lungs were in good shape. Thank you Lord.

It was no ordinary fire that ignited the bush - it was the fire of life. The bush was not burnt, but it brought forth a message of reflection and transformations. The check-up brought me not curses but blessings. As a result I was forced to re-examine my spiritual life, leave my comfort zone, and stride forward and enter into the will and blessings of God. I believe that God has His will in each of our lives, and He asks us to pursue and complete the commission. Are you willing to take up the commission from God? If you are not willing, you could continue to shepherd your flock. If you are willing, may God bestow us a fire of life, so that we are able to obey and please God. In addition, I believe that God has prepared many sisters who have taken up the role of intercessors and keepers for each of our brothers. This personal testimony and the opportunity to participate in God's ministry was the fruit of many sisters' prayers. These heroes deserve our respect and honor, and we are to partner with them in the ministry of prayer. We may in turn become powerful warriors and be equipped to become leaders in our family, role-models for our children, good brothers-in-Christ, great stewards for the church and to become fountain of blessings. As it is written in the Scripture: "but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." (Jn. 4:14) May God bless everyone. Amen.