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Testimonies from the Children's Camp

Learn About the Word of God

A mother

During a telephone conversation with a staff from Jireh Fund, a mother shared her son's experience after the camp. On their way home, she asked him how he felt about the camp. He immediately answered, "It's not fun at all, praying and studying the Bible were the only things we did, I don't want to go to such camps anymore!" The mother felt uneasy upon hearing such remarks. After returning home, the son was very upset when he found out that there were other children who had played with his toys. They have not properly stored them away, and had even broken some of them. He asked, "Why? Why did these children ignore discipline?" The mother felt comforted although a little surprised at his use of Scripture. Afterwards the mother took her son to a toy store and bought some toys to compensate his earlier loss. Her son replied that it was not necessary. During the camp he was taught not to be wasteful but to be contented. The mother was overjoyed at hearing such words. Not only so, the son noted the 19 sets of good character in his camp handbook. He later pasted them on the wall in his home. He suggested that the church should pray for the character formation of these children, so he said to his mother that he decided to pass these notes to his leader at the church.

The son also did some role play of the different characters at home. He seemed impressed with such teachings. On another occasion both of them boarded the wrong car when they visited their relatives. He said to his mother, "You should not have 'leaned on your own understanding'!" These words were hilarious to those who heard them. The parents were indeed thankful for his son that he could apply God's word learned in the camp to his daily life. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. May the Lord bless all the children in the camp and bestow wisdom upon the staff from Jireh Fund so that they could spread and teach the word of God to different people groups.

The Work of God in the Children's Lives

A sister

Thanks to the Lord Jesus for leading my two children to take part in this children's camp organized by Jireh Fund. During the three-day camp, they learned about biblical knowledge and experienced renewal by the Holy Spirit. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff from Jireh Fund, as well as many brothers and sisters who put their efforts during the process. May our Lord Jesus repay everyone of you for your hard work!

On the second evening, my daughter told me over the phone that her front tooth came off on its own. My daughter needed to take in eight antibiotic pills whenever she had teeth problems, due to her struggle with congenital heart disease. This time her tooth came off on its own, although as a mother I was unaware of the problem in her teeth. I truly thanked the Lord for His protection and guidance! The Lord Jesus understands the needs of everyone of us. Praise the Lord!

During this camp, my son experienced a major change in his life. When he returned home on Sunday evening, he immediately told me that he needed to have self-control over his temper. I was very moved as I had already spent a great deal of time to instruct him on his temper, but there were still no improvements. Later I found that I only needed to let my child come to Jesus, and God would speak directly to him. Thank you Lord!

In addition, both my children learned about studying the word of God more seriously. Every child was asked to recite 20 verses from the Bible during the three-day camp. They said they would take time to recite these verses every night. Now that the camp had been over for three weeks, my children would still take the time to recite the verses every morning. And during evening they would use a verse or a passage from the Bible to pray. Moreover, my elder son started to teach his five-year-old brother to recite verses. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." (Mt. 5:6) I would like to thank God again for His work in the lives of my children. May glory and praise be to our only true God. Amen!