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Set my Baby Free

Teresa Leung

My son passed his second birthday on August 11. I discovered that his emotions and behavior have undergone major changes, and he easily lost his temper. He could hardly accept even a spoken word of discipline. My husband and I did not allow him to hit others, and he was left with hitting objects and his own body. At first I thought that any two-year-olds are usually self-centered, and would go through a transitional period when the situation would improve afterwards. However, on August 13, two days after his birthday, we, along with the staff from Jireh Fund, sat down and had dinner. Our son placed his toy car on the desk, but my husband and I have told him not to play on the desk. He refused to listen. Seated on the same desk was another elder boy. When he saw what had happened, he told our son to clean up his area. Although his words were spoken gently, our son stared at him in a very serious manner. Afterwards, he lost control and began to cry. When my husband tried to soothe our son, he was able to quiet down immediately. In the next day, Wesley became bad-tampered for even minor matters. We were clueless as to how to handle his behavioral issues. Later on, Mrs. Chan from Jireh Fund prayed for our son and she asked God what really happened. It was found that the departure of our maid had to do with this incident. On July 2 this year, she resigned before her contract was over due to health reasons, and she returned to Indonesia. My husband and I neglected to provide an explanation to our son so that he could accept the maid's departure. The maid's sudden disappearance created much doubts and despair, and left him with a sense of insecurity. Whenever our maid and family spent time together, we used to think that Wesley would prefer his mother, father and his grandmother to our maid. We underestimated her importance in the life of our son. Ever since he was born, this maid had taken up the role of caring for Wesley. She loved him very much, and often hugged him and played with him. This provided him with a great sense of security. I recalled how she would hold Wesley in her arms while he slept in the conference room during the weekends when my husband and I served at Jireh Fund. Ever since our maid left, Wesley began to do number counting by himself and the counting repeated over and over again. My husband and I had not taught him about counting, and we realized that our maid had taught him instead. At first, I thought that my son possessed good memory and learning ability. Toward the end, Mrs. Chan prayed and God revealed the truth of the matter: Wesley was thinking about his maid and he wanted to look for her.

My husband and I planned to enroll Wesley in kindergarten in August after our maid had left. A reason was that this saved us from having to hire a maid, however, the major reason was to allow Wesley to enter into a learning environment and experience a disciplined lifestyle at an earlier stage, giving him an edge over those children in the same-age group. However, we never thought that this would pose an enormous change to a two-year-old. He became very stressed and tense, and often had difficulty calming down. Mrs. Chan reminded us to recall how Jesus grew in wisdom and stature. "Stature" can refer to "age". Both wisdom and age are in proportion to one another. Parents should not ask their children to possess wisdom that is disproportion to their age. I repented before God and He gave me a verse from the Scripture: "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will. (Ro. 12:2). As parents we should not follow the values of this world, desiring our children to surpass others. As Christian parents, our goal is to teach our children to fear God at a young age, to depend on God and to serve Him with their lives.

The following day my husband and I brought Wesley to Mrs. Chan for prayer. Mrs. Chan placed Wesley on her lap as they sat on the couch in the conference room, just like what our maid had done. Our son began to count from one to ten and followed what the maid had taught him. Mrs. Chan said a healing prayer for our son, asking the Lord to take away his despair and shock, as well as the insecurity and fear that arose. May the Lord grant him peace and tranquility, and we pleaded the Lord to untangle the bondage between Wesley and the maid. We also pleaded the Lord to replace the voice of the maid with that of the Holy Spirit.

Two to three days later, I scolded my son for his mischievous behavior as he was drinking water. As I picked up his food plates, he did not scream or lose his temper as he used to be. Later his mouth began to spill water, and I took away the toys on his desk as a punishment. He did not cry, and even heeded my instructions and apologized. Thank God that He has completely healed him, enabling him not to feel insecure anymore because of fear.

In August my son began to attend kindergarten. Every morning his father took him to school. We continued to pray for his adjustment in his school life. Thank the Lord that he only cried for two days, and stopped doing so later on. Another challenge came in September when the school resumed its school bus service for the students. We could only pray for our son that he would adjust well. Thank the Lord that He has prepared another schoolmate who was elder in age to ride with him on the school bus, so that he would not feel lonely. What was more amazing was that our son recited a verse from the Scripture on his own the day before he rode on the school bus. The verse was from Philippians 4:13, "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." I taught him this verse only a few days ago. He could not even communicate with us in complete sentences! We believe it was God's grace that enabled him to hold firm to His word so that he could ride on the school bus with courage. It also helped us as parents to lay our burdens to rest. Praise the Lord!