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Show Kindness to One Another

Chan Sau Kam and Chan Pik Ying

For many years, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service has partnered with Jireh Fund in the areas of social service, evangelistic ministries and fund-raising projects, with Jireh Fund graciously offering their support to us. This year our agency again co-organized with Jireh Fund on a number of evangelistic meetings. Our targets included those recovering from mental illness (youths included), their family members and the elderly. Evangelistic meetings were organized in the form of dinner so that more unbelievers would show interest to join. It was necessary for us to raise sufficient funds to support these evangelistic meetings. In light of this, God had specially moved the general secretary of Jireh Fund to hold a fund-raising sales on June 10 in order to fund-raise. We hope everyone will generously support us!

The following is a sharing of God's amazing work during the past two evangelistic meetings:

During the evangelistic meeting on April 7, our evangelistic target included adults recovering from mental illness and their family members. All the 250 seats were filled early. God's love and mercy was greater than the spiritual warfare we faced. A total of 71 individuals came to Christ, most of them were family members of these adults who were recovering. Many of these family members used to worship idols but now they were willing to repent and turn to God. During lunch, a participant was in a state of confusion and kept on mumbling words to himself that there was an evil spirit intruding him. In the end, he made the decision to accept Christ and had even joined a fellowship! Praise the Lord!

During the evangelistic meeting on May 21, our evangelistic target included youths and their family members. We only received 50 registrations a week prior to the meeting and this caused us great anxiety. The meeting was going to be held at a hotel where it needed a reservation of a minimum of 180 seats. It must have been the Lord's grace for we had 250 participants during the meeting. Over 80 individuals made the commitments to follow Christ, and this number was higher than that in the previous evangelistic meeting. Many of them came out and responded to Christ as a family. Many parents encouraged their children to make the decision, and the children also did the same to their parents. A family member shared how her daughter was moved to tears when she experienced God's love for the first time, although she had attended church for quite a while but was stubborn toward belief in God. A colleague of mine did not attend the evangelistic meeting but was moved when he later listened to the message. He felt that the speaker's message was preached with a sense of urgency and that God's care for mankind was tangible.

Jireh Fund encourages individuals making the decisions to leave their seats and walk up to the front of the stage. This particular action is very important for the individual. Once there was an individual recovering from mental illness who died two days after the evangelistic meeting ended. Many people witnessed his decision to follow Jesus because they saw him walk up to the front to make the decision. His family members approved that the funeral service be conducted in the Christian tradition.

Moreover, we also witnessed how God showed us His grace through Jireh Fund. April 22 was the flag day for our organization. It was a public holiday and was difficult to recruit student volunteers. We were thankful that Jireh Fund allowed us to ask for offering and recruit volunteers during many of its meetings. And more importantly, they prayed for our funding situation since we had refused donations from the Hong Kong Jockey Club. In early April there were only 176 volunteers, but on April 22 we had about 2,980 volunteers. About $1.08 million was raised that day, excluding funds from donation envelopes and selling of gold flags. We were indeed thankful to the Lord.