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In God All Things are Possible

Mr. Spencer Fok
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." (Mt. 19:26)

I work in the printing industry and regularly print prayer handbooks and other printed materials for Jireh Fund. As a way to respond to various needs that arise, prayer handbooks are often published within a short time frame. The printing is completed in a very hurried manner and I have no guarantee that it could be finished on time. I will attempt my best and ask the colleagues from Jireh Fund to remember the work of the printing in their prayer. Thanks the Lord for His grace in enabling the printing to be completed on time on every occasion. For instance, in March 2005, "Love those Who cannot Tell their Right Hand from their Left" prayer handbook was completed within 18 hours. In May 2006, the prayer handbook on depression was completed within eight hours. I could have never guaranteed that the prayer handbooks could be completed within this short amount of time. Every time I commit the printing job in prayer and try my best.

In July, the prayer handbook on minority people groups in China was published and was distributed during a Chinese gospel conference held at Macau on July 17. These books were transported to Macau through the Christian Communications Limited. The shipping deadline was set on July 13 but I only received the film at noon on July 12. At that time there were still other printing jobs to be completed, such as other books and magazine issues for the conference. I was concerned that this might be the first occasion that I was unable to complete the printing job on schedule, however, I still attempted my best. At around 2pm on July 12, I began to put together the drafts and it was not until 2am on July 13 that the printing process finally began. I did not know if I could still complete it as scheduled as the process would take at least 24 hours. Thanks the Lord for His grace that the shipping date was postponed to July 14. However, I thought this still did not provide me with sufficient time. I was told again that we could directly send the prayer handbooks to the shipping company and the deadline could be further extended to noon on July 15. As a result, the printing was completed on the morning of July 14. We immediately compiled them and the process was completed on July 15, and the shipping was on schedule. Praise the Lord for His grace as with God all things are possible.