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A Cry from a Mother

A sister

A daughter is held in bondage with homosexuality. Who can save her?
My daughter's "girlfriend" will be moving to my home. What can I do?
Upon hearing the cries from this mother, would you pray with her?

Sudden Change in Family - Only Jesus can Save

Before coming to Christ, I had led a very difficult life. Family business had gone downhill after the financial crisis struck. My husband left the family with me and my two daughters who were only 14 and 15 at the time. Two months later, my brother passed away suddenly due to an acute illness. At that time I was diagnosed with liver cancer. Back in mainland China I had a mother who was in her eighties, as well as two young brothers who were suffering from mental retardation. One storm after another had left me with severe depression. My body weight plunged from 160 to 120 pounds. At that time I wanted to end my life. However, I was thankful to the Lord for bringing me to a gospel dinner through a brother in the Lord. I made the decision to commit my life to Jesus. I experienced freedom when the Lord brought me out from these emotional and physical hardships. The Lord was faithful: "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household." (Ac. 16:31) Not long afterwards, my mother and my two daughters also confessed Christ as their Lord.

My Daughter was in Bondage to Homosexuality

After my husband left us, my daughter became emotionally unstable. She often played with cutters and skipped school. She stopped going to school after graduating from form five. At that time she had not reached 18 years old and worked part-time at a 24-hour convenient store. She often said that she had taken the overnight shift. On an early morning, I was on my way to a prayer meeting when I stopped by the store to visit my daughter. The staff told me that she had worked mid-day shifts for the past two weeks. I asked her what had happened. Initially she did not want to tell the truth, but afterwards she admitted she was in a relationship with a lesbian. She had spent the last two weeks living in her home. At this point I got into a huge argument with my daughter over this issue. My daughter said she is now a grown-up and threatened to run away from home if I insisted to go against her wishes. I dared not fight with her again over this issue. Not long after that, my daughter brought her to my home and there was nothing I could do but to silently endure.

Prayer Handbook - Enabled me to Pray for my Daughter

At that time Jireh Fund had published a prayer handbook entitled "Love Those Who Cannot Tell Their Left Hand from Their Right Hand", I took hold of every chance I had to pray for my daughter. Jireh Fund was encouraging brothers and sisters to use this prayer handbook and pray to stop the government from its legislation of the sexual orientation discrimination law.

Many brothers and sisters were praying for my daughter. Twenty five days later, my daughter was waiting for me at home. When I arrived, she suddenly hugged me and said, "I am now awake! I can't spend another moment with this lady!" I believe that this was the amazing work done by the Lord. In the following month, my daughter had no contacts with this lady because of different work schedule. When my daughter took the morning shift, this lady took the evening shift. After one year and eight months, this lady suddenly told me that she would move away.

God Will Never Forsake Us

I had lunch with this lady. She shared with me about her unhappy growing experience. I found that she had about eight to nine sisters in her family. Her father had a mistress and did not care for the family. Her mother had to endure sickness and humiliating words from her husband. This lady therefore did not trust male figures. I had tried to share the gospel with her and let her know that God loves her. I also advised her not to go back to homosexuality. Afterwards, this lady had begun attending church through another friend. Thanks the Lord for His amazing works in the hearts of mankind.