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What should we fear when the Lord is with us?

A sister
In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and he answered by setting me free.
The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?
(Ps. 118:5-6)

The worst experience that can happen to us is our inability to find help during times of difficulties, or the inability to see hope in desperation. We as Christians are blessed. Our Lord knew from the beginning about our weaknesses and sinful nature. He granted us the Holy Spirit to be our Counselor and the authority to pray, so that we might receive help from Him in time of need. But there is a condition: we need to first fully trust in Him because the Lord has said he "saves everyone who believes."

Earlier my father-in-law passed away due to sickness. Ever since my son returned from the funeral home, I could hear screams coming from around him. This made him both frustrated and fearful. The sense of nervousness and worry also came against me. I was thankful that I was able to immediately plead the Lord for help. My son and I earnestly prayed together. Our Lord granted me a heart of courage. We proclaimed the name of God together to fight against the work of the devil. Although every time things seemed to quiet down, we continued to pray with faith. During midnight on the third evening, my son suddenly became exasperated. He began to uncontrollably scratch and hit his body with his hands. His breathing became weak. His face turned purple. He had asthma when he was young, and for safety sake we called for an ambulance. Faced with such sudden changes, I could not do anything but to pray. I truly feared that I would lose this child. I earnestly pleaded the Lord: "Lord, I can only ask you. I only trust you. Your children are in difficulties. You have said that you are a refuge and will not forsake us. Only you can save this child. Our lives belong to you. May the Lord do what seems best." After ten minutes, my son finally became quiet but his breathing was still weak. At this time the paramedics arrived. After examinations by the doctors, his body was said to be in good conditions and there were no signs of asthma. However, the doctors referred him to the department of psychiatry based on his conditions. At that time, I was very clear that this child did not have mental illness. I firmly believe that God can save him and so I did not accept the referral made by the doctor.

After a night of battle, the next day his whole body was tired. He was still quite confused in his heart. As a mother who saw everything that happened, I could feel the pain in my heart. The Lord truly knew our needs. He prepared an intercessor for the child – Mrs. Chan. After prayer, a divine miracle happened. The son said, "the tiredness surrounding my eyes and the frustration disappeared out of a sudden, and my whole body began to relax. Even my walking paces greatly relaxed and smiles are restored on my face. The awful screams never appeared again." Hallelujah! We are thankful that God not only enabled the child to experience but also his mother to be a witness of the Lord's truthfulness, sustenance and kindness. Therefore, no matter what hardships you face in your daily life, you need not fear. The most important thing is to pray and plead the Lord for help. God will open up a new pathway because of your faith. His grace is revealed in this way.

I will forever remember the conversation my son had with Mrs. Chan. Mrs. Chan said, "One day, you are walking on the street with your father. If someone teases you, will you be afraid?" The son said, "No, because my father is at my side." Mrs. Chan said, "What about our Heavenly Father? He is with you every moment of the day, and you need not fear." The child understood and smiled. Glory be to our Lord.