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God Truly Loves our Children

General Secretary

"Come! Tell our Heavenly Father" Children's Prayer Camp was held from August 5 to August 7 at the High Rock Christian Centre in Sha Tin. On August 4, the Royal Observatory hoisted the No. 1 Stand-by Signal and stated that it was unlikely they would hoist the No. 3 Strong Wind Signal. I have yet to decide if the camp should be canceled. Neither had I received any calls from parents about their children withdrawing from the camp. The parents and my colleagues said they would leave me to make the final decision. The camp took place as scheduled. During dusk on August 5, the No. 3 Strong Wind Signal was hoisted. The next morning the No. 8 Signal was even hoisted. The camp site staff requested that we leave the site; however, we thought it was safest to remain where we were. We held our meetings at the hall. We located a pathway which connected the guest rooms to the hall. Next, we also located a washroom. People only needed to walk through an open and covered corridor to the hall. I led the children in prayer and asked the Lord to keep the winds from blowing at the corridor or the place where we would pass through.

Amazing things soon happened. As we looked through the left window inside the hall, we spotted an area where the winds were blowing hard with heavy rains falling. It was an area that we need not use during the camp. However, when we looked through the right window, the corridor that led to the washroom was not affected by any rainfall! At first, we thought that this was just mere coincidence. However, the place remained the same the entire typhoon. It was truly a divine miracle. The Lord truly loved us and enabled us, particularly the children to witness His amazing work. For the children who attended the prayer camp, this was indeed a gracious act from the Lord and surely He is real!

On August 6, due to the hoisting of the No. 8 Signal, the chef at the camp site did not go to work. Who would prepare the meals? A few brothers were courageous enough to go down the hill and purchased food for everyone. Coincidentally one of our staff was good at cooking. She used two rice cookers (20-person cooker) and prepared delicious meals catering to over 80 people. The leftovers were enjoyed as late night snacks. Our original plan was to arrange a dinner buffet on the evening of August 6. Although we were unable to arrange a dinner buffet, the children enjoyed the meals very much and even ate a lot more than before!

Because we still owed the children a self-served buffet, we arranged another meeting on August 27 and invited them to a lunch buffet at the Yau Ma Tei YMCA in Kowloon. On the other hand, we reminded the children how God miraculously kept us in peace during the rainstorm. Through their personal experiences and testimonies, it enabled the children to grasp hold of the fact that God is real so that they could remember the amazing things God has done for them.