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I am Not the Same


I have been a believer for many years. However, I have not attended church because I wanted to focus on my career. Beginning 2005 I began to attend church and learn about God. I was baptized in 2006 and began to develop a desire toward the word of God. During the summer, I joined a weekly Bible study held every Wednesday night at Jireh Fund. The Bible study enabled me to learn more about the word of God. When I heard about the "I am Not the Same" course, I enrolled so that I could be better equipped to help others. I signed up for the course only two days before the registration deadline. I never expected that the course would turn out to be a great source of help. On the morning of the first day of class, I found myself feeling depressed after I awakened. I spent most of the day lying on my bed. I shared this with my group leader at the end of the lecture. I knew that I had to be alert in prayer for myself. When I woke up again the next morning, I seemed to feel depressed again and wanted to hide myself under the bed cover. The word of God appeared in my heart: "A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest – and poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man." (Pr. 24:33-34) Later on, this bad habit ceased to appear. This course enabled me to learn about the word of God and to abide in God. I also learned to commit everything to God and that He is the source of my life. Whenever I feel depressed, I would immediately ask the Lord to shine His light upon me such that I would not allow myself to sink into depression.

At the end of each class session, we were given homework assignments for the month. Initially I was unable to complete them, however, every assignment helped me meditate on the word of God. During the last class session, Mrs. Chan often reminded us not to give up on ourselves and this really moved my heart.

In the past I used to insist on holding high expectations of those around me. Upon finding out the faults of another individual, I would insist on holding the individual accountable particularly if I did not like the person. However, the word of God changed me. On one occasion, I said to my supervisor that I was willing to apologize to the other party if I ever made a mistake. I continued to fret over the matter even after making the apology. The word of God reminded me to learn from the gentleness and humility of our Lord Jesus Christ. I immediately felt peaceful and no longer angry.